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I offer Humanistic Counselling which allows you to decide the focus and to consider how you resolve things. You can expect counselling to give you a place to talk about how you feel, your experiences, thoughts and responses to situations. My role is to work with you, so that these things are shared in a confidential space and you are not alone with them. I do not judge your choices or decisions but listen carefully to help you to a better understanding of them.

I understand your perspective, bearing in mind the developmental experiences that shape your emotional world and your adult adaptations to these. We do not have to spend a long time looking at your childhood but the people you grew up with affect the way you perceive the world, so it is useful for us both to understand this context.

My job is to see things from your point of view, to give emotional support and empower you to make changes, take control, to adapt or cope; as you decide and at your pace.

By offering you a warm and accepting relationship I can give you the space to reflect and gain new perspectives.

Counselling can be long or short term. I offer a free initial 20 minute session, to meet and connect, from here we can decide to continue and progress. You can make an arrangement,which we can review as often as you would like.

We will actively check your progress towards your goals.



I am a BACP Accredited therapist. I have been working as a Counsellor, with qualifications in Humanistic Counselling, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and Counselling Supervision since 2008. I offer specialist EMDR a NICE recommended treatment for trauma.

Alongside my private practice, I work with Employee Assistance Programme referrals from a range of professional businesses. I have experience working with NHS clients and as a Rape Crisis Counsellor.

I also volunteer for a local refugee centre, offering EMDR therapy. 

Wandering Traveler

Fiona Corbett


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