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Accredited BACP and EMDR Therapist

Fiona Corbett

Counseling In Nottingham

FREE initial 20 minute meeting .


I'm here to support you. We can do this together.


About Fiona Corbett

I am an Accredited member of the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Also Accredited by the EMDR Association for the UK and Europe. I've been working  as a Therapist since 2008 and have experience working for the NHS, Charities, a Sexual Violence project and with Employee Assistance programs.

Call, text or email to book a free initial 20 minute meeting.

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How I Can Help You

You may be very clear on what you want from therapy, in which case I can offer a place to explore, clarify, understand, observe, feel or identify strategies to support you.

Or you may feel very fuzzy about what you need, but know things are not right, or that you are struggling. Part of my role here would be to help  untangle the things impacting on you and to find out what you would need to thrive and feel clear.


£65 Therapy - one hour

£70  EMDR therapy - one hour

Now accepting BUPA, AXA and Vitality  insured:, 

My Approach

My Approach to Therapy 

Experienced, Compassionate & Professional

I have 16 years’ experience as a Psychotherapist, have trained in three therapeutic approaches and worked in charities, the NHS and  private practice.

I am a warm and sensitive person, and want to work with you in the way which best meets your needs. I am accredited by the BACP, meaning I have reached  and maintain competence, training and standards required to be a professional therapist. I am accredited by the EMDR Association, which affirms my competence in offering this therapy for PTS/D and childhood trauma.

My practice uses evidence based strategies and interventions to offer compassionate, meaningful therapy. EMDR is a therapy recommended by NICE for trauma, which gives an eight phase process to support you, in addressing symptoms and reprocessing experiences affecting your wellbeing.

Integrating psychodynamic and humanistic psychotherapy allows me to use evidence based theory, such as attachment, to shape my work with you and to offer the most appropriate interventions in talking therapies.

I offer weekly or fortnightly sessions online and in person.To work online you will need access to a phone or internet connection and a space to talk in confidence, without distraction. Duration of therapy can be discussed and reviewed, but can be short or long term.

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